Organization: Baraka Community Wellness
Program: Healthy Families, Healthy Communities
Mission: Provide wellness solutions for at-risk individuals and communities that engage, educate and empower to close the gap of health disparities and reduce healthcare costs.
Our Funding: The Healthy Families Healthy Community framework will serve as the foundation for deployment of Check. Change. Control. which will be implemented and supported across all program delivery models as well as a standalone option where applicable within the communities of Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, Dorchester and Revere MA. Engagement, enrollment and facilitation of CCC will be managed by BCW.

Organization: Boston Medical Center
Food as Medicine: Building a Hospital-Based Urban Garden to increase Access to Healthy Food
Mission: We will provide consistently excellent and accessible health services to all in need of care regardless of status or ability to pay-exceptional care, without exception.
Our Funding: American Heart Association funding will support the installation and maintenance of Boston’s first hospital-based rooftop vegetable garden that will provide fresh produce, the first-in-the nation Food Pantry which provides “food prescriptions” for 7,000 low-income people each month at BMC.

Organization: Fresh Truck
Fostering Fresh Food Culture
Mission: Fresh Truck is out to radically impact community health by getting food to those who need it most.
Our Funding: American Heart Association funding will support two mobile food market trucks that increase health food for more than 1,000 Boston residents and support nutritional literacy for an additional 1,000 Boston residents.  The two trucks provide a weekly mobile market to 15 low-income Boston Communities, reaching many families through partnerships with health centers, housing developments and other community-based organizations.  In addition funding will be used to support pop-up events Fresh Truck holds in partnerships with community health organizations to increase nutritional literacy through cooking demos, taste testing, workshops, nutritional consultations, etc.

Organization: The Food Project
Lynn Grows
Mission: To create a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food system.
Our Funding: American Heart Association funding will support Lynn Grows program, a comprehensive, multi-faceted plan for deep-rooted food system change in the City of Lynn, a city that suffers from poverty, food deserts, and elevated rates of nutrition-related illnesses. The Food Project will coalesce residents and community organizations into a steering committee to guide The Food Project’s resources in enacting initiatives that will increase access to fresh, healthy food in ways that are economically and environmentally sustainable, and that are accountable to the community.

Organization: The Urban Food Initiative
Program: Teaching Kitchen
Mission: To help communities make great choices around food by making it easy for them to choose tasty, healthy, convenient and truly affordable meals and groceries. And we do this in a respectful manner that honors our customer, engendering dignity.
Our Funding: American Heart Association will fund programming for the teaching kitchen located adjacent to the Daily Table grocery store.  The teaching kitchen program will offer all free programming that will increase familiarity with fresh, healthy produce and cooking techniques to enhance wholesome meal preparation at home.  It will offer nutrition information targeted to different segments of the community so that all shoppers can make informed choices.  With an adjacent grocery store that sells only healthy food at great prices, participants can put their newfound knowledge into action.